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Bio-mechanical WOF

Have you had a Bio-mechanical "Warrant of Fitness" assessment lately?

(also known as FMS, Functional Movement Screen)

We take such good care of keeping our cars safe and functioning well, but we don't always look after ourselves. A Bio-mechanical “Warrant of Fitness” assesses where your body is at in the range of optimal functional movement. If you have one area of the body that is tight or weak, other areas step in and make up for that. Prolonged small changes cases in the way we use our body can lead to dysfunction and pain. The same way wheel alignment problems will lead to excessive tire wear. Early intervention can identify these minor problem and prevent dysfunction. This is true of the office worker right the way through to the elite athlete. We can show you where the problems are and the best way to rid them from your day to day activities.

Come and see on of our friendly, experienced team, for some expert advice, and get back to optimal movement.

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