Our Philosophy

We are an innovative and proactive physiotherapy clinic, where our focus is living and breathing our "LEGACY"  vision.


We believe that Physiotherapy means so much more than treatment of your injury. We believe that injury prevention is our primary focus and provide all the necessary tools to empower you to make this happen.

If an injury has occurred we aim to provide excellent care and education on your rehabilitation journey. We aim to make sure that we are offering many options to prevent it occuring again. Combine all that Hawera Physiotherapy has to offer you and with our support and encouragement you will feel strong in mind and body.

L . E . G . A . C . Y .

Lead & Provide Excellent Care.   Empower.   Guide.   Assist.   Collaborate.   YOU.

A Little Something Extra

Meet Our Team

Our physiotherapists are highly trained professionals who will listen to you.

We can assess and diagnose your injury and refer you onwards if indicated.  Our aim is to restore your normal function and alleviate any pain. 

Our experienced Physiotherapists are trained in manual and manipulative therapy allowing us to treat you safely and effectively. Whether you have a sports injury, a work related injury, are recovering from surgery, a fracture or a sprain/strain - we CAN help you. 

Come and visit, we'd love to see you. No referrals needed. 


Liam Clancy

Owner, Senior Physiotherapist & Certified Functional Movement Screen Assessor

Liam owns Hawera Physiotherapy Clinic alongside his wife, Debbie.  Liam is a Senior Physiotherapist & Certified Functional Movement Screen Assessor.

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Debbie Clancy

Owner, Rehabilitation Specialist, Accupuncturist & Massage Therapist

Debbie owns Hawera Physiotherapy Clinic alongside her husband, Liam.  Debbie is a Rehabilitation Specialist and one of our Pilates Instructors.


Anna Winks

Physiotherapist, Accupuncturist & Sports Therapist


Pauline Annabell

Physiotherpist, Credentialed McKenzie Therapist & Acupuncturist


Eryn Boyd

Personal Trainer, Cross Fit Enthusiast.


Jamie Schrader

Receptionist, Office Manager & Advanced level Pilates Instructor


Lynette Delahanty

Receptionist, Administration

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Hannah Lay


Antony Jones


Jo Buhler

Massage Therapist